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Natural Biodiversity calls its approach “ACE” –
an acronym that stands for:

Assessment: First, we assess a site and determine the status of plant diversity there. Then we inventory the impact of particular plants upon biological diversity. Finally, we continually evaluate effectiveness of our conservation activities.

Conservation: We seek to conserve natural biological communities at our sites by using the most non-intrusive methods possible. This Pyramid of Integrated Pest Management Tactics (adapted from one developed by The Pennsylvania State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences) illustrates our approach. Natural Biodiversity stresses prevention tactics (toward the base of the pyramid) and uses intervention tactics (toward the top of the pyramid) only as necessary. Following control efforts at some sites, we supplement natural regeneration with restorative plantings.

Engagement: A vital priority is to engage citizens to help us meet our goals of conserving biological diversity at the sites where Natural Biodiversity is involved.

Pyramid of IPM Tactics

The ultimate goal is to
prevent invasive species
from entering our
river basins. Also,
existing invasives
should be controlled
by utilizing the
most non-intrusive
methods that exist.

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