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Aug 2012 Johnstown High Taking Classes Outdoors
Apr 2012 Reducing energy use can have an impact at the gas pumps
Apr 2012 Local arts centers slate enrichment opportunities
Mar 2012 Cosmo's World II" Debuts at Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Performing Arts
Oct 2012 Business People: Nonprofit Welcomes New Board Members
Jun 2011 Our Town covers NB Asian Longhorned Beetle monitoring efforts
Jun 2011 Eagle sightings demonstrate the importance of habitat restoration
Jun 2011 Sandyvale Cemetery Veterans Event Circle, designed by NB
Jun 2011 Natural Biodiversity interviewed about AmeriCorps
Mar 2011 NB hosts Green Drinks at Artworks in Johnstown!
May 2011 2011 Allegheny Mountain Green Fest
Nov 2011 Organization Benefits Regional Ecosystems
Dec 2010 Business People: Nonprofit Welcomes Board Members - The Tribune Democrat
May 2010 Native Plant Fest of the Alleghenies Press Release
Mar 2010 Outdoor Heritage Month coming in April
Mar 2010 Region to celebrate its outdoor heritage
Feb 2009 Juniata Clean Water Partnership gets grant for river weed control - The Daily News
Dec 2008 Juniata Weed Management Area Initiative - Press Release
May 2008 Formation of the NFWF Juniata Cooperative Weed Management Area - Juniata Clean Water Partnership
Jan 2007 Conservation Group Grows with New Grant - Press Release
Oct 2006 Conservation group receives grant –- Daily American
Aug 2006 Environmental volunteers awarded –- Our Town
Jul 2006 Biodiversity Group earns award –- Tribune-Democrat
Jun 2006 Natural Biodiversity Exhibit in Johnstown- Daily American
Mar 2006 Honor your natural heritage: Grow native - Syndicated Columnist Dave Hurst
2006 Volunteer team helps native plants thrive
Jul 2005 Conservation groups whacking away at relentless knotweed -– Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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