Wildlife Habitat

1. The ___________ is a habitat that is not found in Pennsylvania.

a. forest
b. wetland
c. meadow
d. desert

2. Wildlife need _____________ for habitat.

a. water
b. food
c. places to rear young
d. cover
e. all of the above.

3. Food is an important part of wildlife habitat. The complex system that provides food for everything in an ecosystem is called ______________.

a. the grocery store
b. a watershed
c. the food web
d. a farm

4. You would find a black bear in the same kind of habitat as a ___________.

a. tiger
b. dolphin
c. raccoon
d. sea gull

5. How does a woodpecker provide shelter for a red squirrel?

a. A woodpecker can’t help provide shelter.
b. By covering him with his wings.
c. By flying over him.
d. By hollowing out sections of tree trunks.

6. You would find a brook trout in the same kind of habitat as ____________.

a. a crayfish
b. a fox
c. an elephant
d. an opossum

7. You can provide food for wildlife habitat in your backyard with _____________.

a. a birdfeeder
b. native trees like oaks
c. native wildflowers like milkweed, joe-pye weed, and cardinal flower
d. all of the above

8. You can provide water for wildlife habitat in your backyard with ____________.

a. a birdbath
b. a pond
c. rocks, gravel, and plants that hold water to make puddles
d. all of the above

9. You can provide cover for wildlife habitat in your backyard ________________.

a. by planting native trees and leafy shrubs
b. with nesting boxes for birds
c. with a log or brush pile
d. all of the above.

10. The sun gives plants energy to grow and provides food for animals. In a food web, those plants are called ______________.

a. producers
b. consumers
c. decomposers
d. munchies

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