One study finds Americans spending more time with their TVs, computers, radios and newspapers than on any other activity – besides breathing. Another study links obesity in kids with the lack of activity outdoors.

Meanwhile, here in south-central and southwestern Pennsylvania, we have beautiful ridges and river valleys,
bountiful natural resources, an almost-endless list of ways to enjoy them –
and some serious conservation issues.

Natural Biodiversity can suggest some ways you and your family can get away from the TV, improve your level of activity, experience our rich natural heritage and help address some of our serious conservation concerns. Our mission is to conserve the native diversity of plant and animal life – and to control the spread of invasive, non-native plants – within south-central and southwestern Pennsylvania.

Here in the Kids’ Patch, you can help your kids begin to understand what that means through the special activities we’ve designed for them. Elsewhere on our website, you can learn more about our challenges, our efforts and how you – and your children – can become involved.

We’re not trying to convince you of the importance of helping us. These are
educational and enjoyable ways for you to spend time together as a family. To learn more explore Kids’ Patch and the rest of our website, contact us using the information listed at the bottom of the page, or click on these links to the right:
Ways to Get Families Outdoors

Backyard Habitat (National Wildlife Federation)
Guides you on “gardening for wildlife” in your own backyard. Great activities to teach the needs of wildlife and how to attract critters such as butterflies and songbirds.

Green Hour (National Wildlife Federation)
Giving our kids unstructured outdoor play time to discover nature makes them happier, healthier... even smarter.

Natural Inquirer (USDA Forest Service)
Gives your middle-school child access to a science journal tailored to them that deals with research on nature, trees, wildlife, insects, outdoor activities and water.

Nature Watch “Wildlife Viewing Sites”
(USDA Forest Service)

As you take your family vacations, visit here for information and directions to natural scenic areas and wildlife viewing sites across the country.

Celebrating Wildflowers “Just for kids”
(USDA Forest Service)

Find fun activities that your family can do with wildflowers, such as “How to make perfume.” Site also includes games, word searches, and coloring pages for kids.

Endangered Species Picture Book
(U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)
Introduces you to 21 endangered and threatened plants and animals found in the United States with printable coloring pages your child can bring to life.

Eartheasy (Environmental websites for kids)
Various links for parents who would like to inspire their child’s love and interest in the outdoors.

Global Environmental and Outdoor Education Council
Provides links to a wide variety of activity guides, curriculum booklets, and other resources that use environmental themes.

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