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There are a lot of resources available for people and groups interested in restoring plant diversity to their local ecosystems. Listed here are some websites that we've found useful for technical
assistance and funding.

Biodiversity Project

Exotic Forest Pest Information System for North America

WJAC TV's Going Green Page

Invasive Species Information courtesy of University of Georgia, US Forest Service and USDA APHIS

Mid-Atlantic Exotic Pest Plant Council

National Invasive Species Information Center

National Junior Horticulture Association

National Park Service's Weeds Gone Wild

National Wildlife Federation

Nature Abounds

Penn State Cooperative Extension's Weed Management
Pennsylvania Biodiversity Partnership

Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Pennsylvania DCNR Invasive Exotic Plant Tutorial

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental

Pennsylvania Native Plant Society

Pittsburgh to Harrisburg Mainline Canal Greenway

The Foundation Center

The Nature Conservancy: Taking on the Invaders

USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)

Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

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