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Douglas M. Beri Jr. is the Director of Natural Biodiversity, a program of Nature Abounds. From 2006 to 2010, Doug worked for Natural Biodiversity, two years as an AmeriCorps through the National Wildlife Federation and two years as Natural Biodiversity's Projects Manager. Among his duties were coordinating and implementing a variety of projects and programs including several habitat restoration and invasive plant control projects, the start of the invasive species educational supplement (Biobullies), and the development of several invasive plant management plans for both public and private individuals. In 2011, Doug volunteered as an Americorps member for Nature Abounds helping to develop invasive species resources. After leaving Natural Biodiversity in 2010, Doug founded a business focused on managing distressed properties throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. As his business grew, he incorporated in December of 2015, and under his sole guidance and direction, staff and crews maintained over 700 properties, completing an average of over 5000 work orders per year, with annual gross revenues over a half million dollars. He still maintains and operates Beri Property Services, Inc. Doug is currently a Board Member for the Conemaugh Valley Conservancy, a local non-profit focused on promoting the conservation and preservation of natural, cultural and historic resources though low impact recreation. In his free time, Doug is an avid outdoorsman enjoying white water rafting, hiking, biking, and sky diving!! He is married to his husband, Jeffrey.

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