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The West Penn Trail’s Saltsburg section is the site of Natural Biodiversity’s first and most-mature Japanese knotweed control demonstration. Over a three-year period we were able to eliminate 98% of the knotweed at the site. Today, a variety of native species are re-established there.

This site also taught us the importance of an overall site management plan. A key component of such a plan is to encourage natural plant diversity by selectively planting certain trees and shrubs. Such plantings can inhibit the regrowth of invasive species, enhance wildlife habitat and provide an effective riparian buffer.

In the fall of 2005, 18 trees were planted along
the Saltsburg section of the trail. Seven different
species, including sycamore, birch, and
dogwood, were selected to produce a quick, yet
long-lasting forest canopy that will keep light-
loving invasives from growing.

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